Our story

Since the dawn of time - in all cultures, at all times - man has told stories and shared experiences. To create unity, strengthen morale and spread joy. Storytelling is just as important now as before, and the opportunity to spread stories has never been greater. But while users have largely adopted new technology for communicating and consuming media, there are still many in the professional part of the media industry - broadcasting and events in particular - that prefer "tried and tested" over "new and improved". The result is expensive, and often boring, productions.

We at Frontir want to disrupt the media industry! We are a playground for development of media and technology and are constantly looking for smarter and better ways to create and distribute content. With subsidiaries that are out in the field on a daily basis and deliver outstanding digital, hybrid or live experiences, we have a unique hands-on instrument for identifying needs, uncovering problems and seeing opportunities. Our creative and competent technologists develop prototypes which are further developed into scalable solutions that we offer to the media and event industry, worldwide. This rig gives us a speed and insight that our large, international competitors lack.

Oh yeah! is the motto of our employees - whether we work on productions or develop technology. We are driven by a passion for making the impossible possible, and to facilitate storytelling that is deeper and richer than anyone had imagined.

Frontir - Playground for creating tomorrow

Core values

We love to combine work & fun. To be creative one must be allowed to play a little as well.

We foster a disruptive and innovative mindset, always questioning the status quo and searching for better, smarter solutions.

We love our job and are deeply passionate about enabling storytelling and experiences that bring people together.

We have deep industry insight and act on opportunities quickly and easily.

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